Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Burn Notice Drinking Game

I have been enjoying Burn Notice on Netflix and I decided to make up a drinking game for common elements that seem to be in many episodes. Sometimes an episode might have several of these things, sometimes a few so drink carefully.

One Shot:
  • Sam Axe has a beer
  • Michael does an accent
  • Car Crash
  • Explosion
  • Michael or Sam doubt Fiona's plan
  • Michael eats yogurt
  • Michael says, "as a spy" in V.O.
  • Madeline says, "Michael"
  • Fiona makes a bomb
  • Michael makes an improvised device
  • Someone breaks a window (just one drink and not for each window)
  • Someone breaks into a building or home
  • "The Client" title appears on screen
  • There's a car chase
  • Michael does V.O. for spy technique
  • A bug (listening device) is used
  • A Zippo is tossed to start a fire (more common in early episodes)
  • Sam uses his alias Chuck Finley

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